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Model Predictive Control mit MATLAB und Simulink

Author: Dittmar, Rainer
Source: Directory of Open Access Books
ISBN: 9781839626388
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Model Predictive Control (MPC) is used to solve challenging multivariable-constrained control problems. MPC systems are successfully applied in many different branches of industry. The MPC ToolboxTM of MATLAB®/Simulink® provides powerful tools for industrial MPC application, but also for education and research at technical universities. This book gives an overview of the basic ideas and advantages of the MPC concept. It shows how MPC systems can be designed, tuned, and simulated using the MPC Toolbox. Selected process engineering benchmark examples are used to demonstrate typical design approaches and help deepen the understanding of MPC technologies. The book is aimed at engineers in industry interested in the development and application of MPC systems, as well as students of different technical disciplines seeking an introduction into this field.