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Un soffitto viola

Author: Nicola, Spinosi
Source: Directory of Open Access Books
Publisher: Firenze University Press
ISBN: 8884533287


The book is offered as a reflection on psychological practice which, with a light touch of self-irony and a easy, flowing language, addresses various significant nodal aspects of the profession. The different chapters, approached in an autobiographical, diarial and critical key, focus analysis of various significant aspects of both the analytic practice and the training of the analyst. Considerable space is devoted, on the one hand to the narration and commentary of the dreams of the author and of his patients, and on the other to the role of politics in the training of those who, like the writer, began working as psychologists in the seventies. Thus the book is aimed both at professionals and students of psychology, and at a broader public which may be curious about who exactly is the person "on the other side of the couch".||Il presente lavoro raccoglie una serie di scritti che analizzano alcuni aspetti rilevanti della pratica analitica e della formazione dell'analista in chiave autobiografica, diaristica e critica. Largo spazio è dato al racconto e commento di sogni dell'autore e dei suoi clienti, da una parte, dall'altra al ruolo della politica nella formazione di chi, come l'autore, ha iniziato a lavorare come psicologo negli anni Settanta.