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Magnetische Anisotropie und Quantenphasenübergang in CeTi_(1-x)V_(x)Ge_(3)

Author: Kittler, Wolfram
Source: Directory of Open Access Books
Publisher: KIT Scientific Publishing
ISBN: 9783731503637
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In the present work the substitution series of CeTi_(1-x)V_(x)Ge_(3) is examined. Within the framework of this thesis, several polycrystals and singlecrystals have been made. CeTiGe_(3) is a strong anisotropic ferromagnet with a T_(C) = 14.3 K. When Ti is partially substituted by V, T_(C) is reduced. So CeTi_(1-x)V_(x)Ge_(3) is a potential candidate for a ferromagnetic QCP.