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Information Systems for Business and Beyond

Author: David T. Bourgeois
Subject: Computer Science
Source: Open Textbook Library
Publisher: Saylor Foundation
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Welcome to Information Systems for Business and Beyond. In this book/ you will be introduced to the concept of information systems/ their use in business/ and the larger impact they are having on our world. This book is written as an introductory text/ meant for those with little or no experience with computers or information systems. While sometimes the descriptions can get a little bit technical/ every effort has been made to convey the information essential to understanding a topic while not getting bogged down in detailed terminology or esoteric discussions. Learning objectives can be found at the beginning of each chapter. Of course/ all chapters are recommended for use in an introductory information systems course. However/ for courses on a shorter calendar or courses using additional textbooks/ a review of the learning objectives will help determine which chapters can be omitted. At the end of each chapter/ there is a set of study questions and exercises (except for chapter 1/ which only offers study questions). The study questions can be assigned to help focus students' reading on the learning objectives. The exercises are meant to be a more in-depth/ experiential way for students to learn chapter topics. It is recommended that you review any exercise before assigning it/ adding any detail needed (such as length/ due date) to complete the assignment.

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