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Writing Through Literature: An Open Reading List

Author: Ian R. Clarke, Gettysburg College
Source: Gettysburg College
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This site is an online reading list for English 111-A, Writing through Literature, taught at Gettysburg College. Sections taught by instructor Ian Clarke since fall 2016 use this open reading list and do not require purchase of a commercial textbook. From the site: "All of the reading assignments listed and linked are either in the public domain in the USA or have been made available for educational use by the copyright holder. The works are organized by genre, and they appear roughly in the order the class will study them. This list represents only a part of ENG 111, as a portion of the class is spent in writing instruction. Rather than keeping all the assignments on our course management system, hidden behind a student login, I was encouraged to make it a public resource. I hope it’s helpful, at least as an example of what a teacher might do. I’ve also created a “blog” tab in the menu. It contains some instructions for accessing digital texts if you need them. As time allows, I’ll also write a few entries there about how this project came to be and how it turns out."