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Linear Algebra and Applications: An Inquiry-Based Approach

Author: Feryal Alayont, Steven Schlicker
Source: Grand Valley State University
ISBN: 9781687348692
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Linear Algebra and Applications: An Inquiry-Based Approach provides a novel open-source inquiry-based learning approach to linear algebra. The emphasis is on active learning and developing intuition through investigation of examples. The content is introduced through inquiry-based activities, starting with experimentation with hands-on concrete examples and continuing on to developing a deep understanding of the topics through working with conceptual questions. To provide motivation and context for the linear algebra content, the text includes 35 real-life applications projects. While working through all of this material in the text, readers are actively DOING mathematics instead of being passive learners. Although it is difficult to capture the essence of active learning in a textbook, this book is our attempt to do just that.