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The Intelligent Troglodyte’s Guide to Plato’s Republic

Author: Douglas Drabkin
Subject: Philosophy
Source: Open Textbook Library
Publisher: A.T. Still University
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The Republic of Plato is one of the classic gateway texts into the study and practice of philosophy/ and it is just the sort of book that has been able to arrest and redirect lives. How it has been able to do this/ and whether or not it will be able to do this in your own case/ is something you can only discover for yourself. The present guidebook aims to help a person get fairly deep/ fairly quickly/ into the project. It divides the dialogue into 96 sections and provides commentary on each section as well as questions for reflection and exploration. It is organized with a table of contents and is stitched together with a system of navigating bookmarks. Links to external sites such as the Perseus Classical Library are used throughout. This book is suitable for college courses or independent study.

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