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APEX Calculus: UND Edition

Author: Gregory Hartman, Virginia Military Institute, Department of Mathematics, University of North Dakota
Source: University of North Dakota


This text comprises a three–volume series on Calculus. The first part covers material taught in many “Calculus 1” courses: limits, derivatives, and the basics of integration, found in Chapters 1 through 6. The second text covers material often taught in “Calculus 2”: integration and its applications, along with an introduction to sequences, series and Taylor Polynomials, found in Chapters 7 through 10. The third text covers topics common in “Calculus 3” or “Multivariable Calculus”: parametric equations, polar coordinates, vector–valued functions, and functions of more than one variable, found in Chapters 11 through 15. All three are available separately for free. Printing the entire text as one volume makes for a large, heavy, cumbersome book. One can certainly only print the pages they currently need, but some prefer to have a nice, bound copy of the text. Therefore this text has been split into these three manageable parts, each of which can be downloaded separately. The source files for the text can be found at https://github.com/teepeemm/APEXCalculusLT_Source