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Atlas of Renal Lesions in Proteinuric Dogs

Author: Cianciolo Rachel, Cathy Brown, Charles Mohr, Mary Nabity, Jaco Van der Lugt, Shannon McLeland, Luca Aresu, Silvia Benali, Bill Spangler, Hayley Amerman, and George Lees
Subject: Veterinary Medicine
Source: Ohio State University
eISBN: 9781941602058
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The goal of this Renal Pathology Atlas is to provide teaching material to veterinary pathologists and nephropathologists. The atlas demonstrates the breadth of lesions that can occur within a cohort of dogs presenting with the clinical sign of protein loss in the urine. Kidney samples were examined with multiple modalities including: histopathology, immunofluorescence and electron microscopy. Integration of these comprehensive evaluations with the clinical history can help veterinary pathologists and nephrologists to better understand the etiology and prognosis of renal lesions in proteinuric dogs.

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