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Wetlands Law: A Course Source

Author: Stephen M. Johnson
Subject: Law
Source: Open Textbook Library
Publisher: CALI's eLangdell® Press
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The Wetlands Law Course Source can be used as the primary text for a two credit seminar or as a supplemental text to cover wetlands material in an environmental law/ natural resources law/ or water law course. In addition/ the administrative law chapter can be used as a supplement in a range of administrative law-related courses/ such as environmental law/ health law/ labor law/ immigration law/ and others/ to introduce basic administrative law concepts. Unlike traditional casebooks or coursebooks/ a “course source” includes resources to train students in all three apprenticeships identified by the Carnegie Foundation in its influential report on legal education/ Educating Lawyers: Preparation for the Profession of Law. To address the knowledge apprenticeship/ the Wetlands Law Course Source includes all of the traditional elements of a casebook or coursebook (cases/ commentary/ notes and questions) and includes several hypotheticals and problem exercises that focus on reinforcing wetlands law. In addition/ as one of the many forms of summative and formative assessment included in the book/ every chapter includes one or more CALI exercise as a “quiz” to reinforce the material covered in the chapter. To address the skills apprenticeship/ the Wetlands Law Course Source includes sixteen separate legal research exercises/ several drafting exercises/ a negotiation exercise/ and an interviewing and counseling exercise. To address the values apprenticeship/ the Course Source includes several professionalism scenarios/ with questions related to the scenarios. Please note that the publisher requires you to login to access and download the textbooks.

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