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Cells: Molecules and Mechanisms

Author: Eric V. Wong
Subject: Biology
Source: Open Textbook Library
Publisher: Axolotl Academic Publishing Co
ISBN: 9780985226114
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Yet another cell and molecular biology book? At the very least/ you would think that if I was going to write a textbook/ I should write one in an area that really needs one instead of a subject that already has multiple excellent and definitive books. So/ why write this book/ then? First/ it's a course that I have enjoyed teaching for many years/ so I am very familiar with what a student really needs to take away from this class within the time constraints of a semester. Second/ because it is a course that many students take/ there is a greater opportunity to make an impact on more students' pocketbooks than if I were to start off writing a book for a highly specialized upper- level course. And finally/ it was fun to research and write/ and can be revised easily for inclusion as part of our next textbook/ High School Biology.

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