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Vector Calculus

Author: Michael Corral
Subject: Mathematics
Source: Open Textbook Library
Publisher: Michael Corral


This is a text on elementary multivariable calculus/ designed for students who have completed courses in single-variable calculus. The traditional topics are covered: basic vector algebra; lines/ planes and surfaces; vector-valued functions; functions of 2 or 3 variables; partial derivatives; optimization; multiple integrals; line and surface integrals. The book also includes discussion of numerical methods: Newton's method for optimization/ and the Monte Carlo method for evaluating multiple integrals. There is a section dealing with applications to probability. Appendices include a proof of the right-hand rule for the cross product/ and a short tutorial on using Gnuplot for graphing functions of 2 variables There are 420 exercises in the book. Answers to selected exercises are included.

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