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Community Resilience to Climate Change: Theory/ Research and Practice

Author: Dana E. Hellman, Vivek Shandas
Subject: Geography
Source: Open Textbook Library
Publisher: Portland State University Library
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This reader is an Open Educational Resource/ meant to accompany a graduate or higher-level undergraduate university course in climate change resilience/ adaptation/ and/or planning. While the material is geared toward students in urban and regional planning/ it may also be of interest to students of urban studies/ public health/ geography/ political science/ sociology/ risk management/ and others. Each section of this volume includes (1) an introductory summary/ (2) a reading list with full text articles/ (3) student exercises meant to enhance understanding and facilitate in-class discussion/ and (4) additional discussion prompts or activities for instructors to use in class. The format of materials is intended to convey key concepts/ while leaving ample space for student exploration/ discourse/ and creativity. Lessons may culminate in an applied/ imaginative final project/ a sample framework of which is provided at the end of Section VI.

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