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The Indigo Book: A Manual of Legal Citation

Author: Christopher Jon Sprigman
Subject: Law
Source: Open Textbook Library
Publisher: Public Resource


Welcome to The Indigo Book—a free/ Creative Commons-dedicated implementation of The Bluebook’s Uniform System of Citation. The Indigo Book was compiled by a team of students at the New York University School of Law/ working under the direction of Professor Christopher Jon Sprigman. The Indigo Book isn’t the same as The Bluebook/ but it does implement the same Uniform System of Citation that The Bluebook does. The scope of The Indigo Book’s coverage is roughly equivalent to The Bluebook’s “Bluepages”—that is/ The Indigo Book covers legal citation for U.S. legal materials/ as well as books/ periodicals/ and Internet and other electronic resources. In addition/ The Indigo Book offers citation guidance that is deeper than The Bluebook’s Bluepages—for example/ The Indigo Book has citation guidance for bills/ and for legislative history/ that the Bluepages lack. For the materials that it covers/ anyone using The Indigo Book will produce briefs/ memoranda/ law review articles/ and other legal documents with citations that are compatible with the Uniform System of Citation.

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