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DC Electrical Circuit Analysis: A Practical Approach

Author: James M. Fiore
Subject: Engineering
Source: Open Textbook Library
Publisher: dissidents
ISBN: 9781654515478
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Welcome to DC Electrical Circuit Analysis/ an open educational resource (OER). The goal of this text is to introduce the theory and practical application of analysis of DC electrical circuits. It is offered free of charge under a Creative Commons non-commercial/ share-alike with attribution license. For your convenience/ along with the free pdf and odt files/ print copies are available at a very modest charge. Check my web sites for links. This text is based on the earlier Workbook for DC Electrical Circuits/ which it replaces. The original expository text has been greatly expanded and includes many examples along with computer simulations. For the convenience of those who used the Workbook/ many of the problem sets are the same/ with some re-ordering depending on the chapter.

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