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Environmental Toxicology

Author: Kees van Gestel - Editor
Subject: Chemistry
Source: Open Textbook Library
Publisher: Environmental Toxicology
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This open online textbook on Environmental Toxicology aims at covering the field in its full width/ including aspects of environmental chemistry/ ecotoxicology/ toxicology and risk assessment. With that/ it will contribute to improving the quality/ continuity and transparency of the education in environmental toxicology. We also want to make sure that fundamental insights on fate and effects of chemicals gained in the past are combined with recent approaches of effect assessment and molecular analysis of mechanisms causing toxicity. The book consists of six chapters/ with each chapter being divided into several sub-chapters to enable covering all aspects relevant to the topic. All chapters are designed in a modular way/ which each module having clear training goals and being flagged with a number of keywords. Most modules have an average length of 1000-2000 words/ a limited number of references/ and 3-5 figures and/or tables. A few modules are enlighted with short clips/ animations or movies to allow better illustration of the theory. The introduction chapter of the book/ for instance/ contains a short interview with two key experts reflecting on the development of the field over the past 30 years. The book contains tools for self-study and training/ like a (limited) number of questions at the end of each module. For the future we foresee the addition of separate exercises and other tools that may help the student in understanding the theory.

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