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Bridges: United States Academia for First-Generation and International College Students

Author: Shawn Higgins
Subject: Student Success
Source: Open Textbook Library
Publisher: North Broad Press
ISBN: 9781439919866
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Bridges introduces students to a wide range of concepts/ institutions/ histories/ and artifacts of United States college and university life. After discussing these items in easy-to-scan/ concise/ nuance-free prose/ this textbook then offers useful lists/ templates for writing and speaking in different discourses and situations/ thought-provoking questions and activities for self-study and for classroom work/ and pertinent hyperlinks for further information. Bridges is designed to help first-generation/ first-year/ English language learners/ and/or culturally unfamiliarized students more fully and successfully explore their educational environments. By using this book/ students will be better prepared for the academic and social challenges of successfully undertaking higher education in English.

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