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In Fitting Memory: The Art and Politics of Holocaust Memorials

Author: Sybil Milton
Subject: Art and Art History
Source: WayneOPEN
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In Fitting Memory, a critical survey of Holocaust memorials and monuments in Europe, Israel, and the United States, focuses on the archeological remains at the original sites of Nazi terror that constituted the first postwar memorials. The Holocaust is defined here as the collective designation for the Nazi mass murder of Jews, Gypsies, and the handicapped, and for the related persecution of Soviet prisoners of war and other ideological opponents. Featuring text and photographs, the book shows how, since 1945, memorials and monuments have served not only as secular shrines but also as temporal institutions reflecting changing public constituencies and distinctive political, social, and cultural contexts. Sybil Milton poses two vital and provocative questions about the memorials built since the end of World War II: to whose memory were they built and how fitting are they?

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