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Pattern Recognition - Selected Methods and Applications

Author: Andrzej Zak
Source: Directory of Open Access Books
Publisher: IntechOpen
ISBN: 9781789854992||9781789855005||9781838803957


Pattern recognition, despite its relatively short history, has already found practical application in many areas of human activity. Systems of pattern recognition usually support people in performing tasks related to ensuring security, including access to premises and devices, detection of unusual changes (e.g. in medicine, cartography, geology), diagnosing technical conditions of devices, and many others. Nevertheless, pattern recognition is probably the most developing area because of the great demand for such solutions in the different areas of our lives. In this book we have collected the experience of scientists from different parts of the world who have researched diverse areas connected directly or indirectly with pattern recognition. We hope that this book will be a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration for further research in the field of pattern recognition.