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Plant Proteomic Research

Author: Setsuko Komatsu, Zahed Hossain
Source: Directory of Open Access Books
Publisher: MDPI - Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
ISBN: 9783038424291||9783038424284
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Plants, being sessile in nature, are constantly exposed to environmental challenges resulting in substantial yield loss. To cope with harsh environments, plants have developed a wide range of adaptation strategies involving morpho-anatomical, physiological, and biochemical traits. In recent years, there has been phenomenal progress in the understanding of plant responses to environmental cues at the protein level. This progress has been fueled by the advancement in mass spectrometry techniques, complemented with genome-sequence data and modern bioinformatics analysis with improved sample preparation and fractionation strategies. As proteins ultimately regulate cellular functions, it is perhaps of greater importance to understand the changes that occur at the protein-abundance level, rather than the modulation of mRNA expression. This Special Issue on "Plant Proteomic Research" brings together a selection of insightful papers that address some of these issues related to applications of proteomic techniques in elucidating master regulator proteins and the pathways associated with plant development and stress responses. This Issue includes four reviews and 13 original articles primarily on environmental proteomic studies.