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A Poiesis da democracia

Author: Delfim F. Leão, Breno Sebastiani, Martinho Soares, Christian Werner
Source: Directory of Open Access Books
Publisher: Coimbra University Press
ISBN: 9789892616780
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The expression “poiesis of democracy” in the title refers to its central concern: to understand “democracy” not as a univocal and absolute concept, but as a result of historical permanencies and transformations inherent of both its Greek formulation and its contemporary uses, that is, as a problem whose answers derive from permanently meditated and mediated negotiation. Thus, the main problem dealt with in the volume is the analysis — preferably interdisciplinary and open to multiple theoretical methodological approaches — of the construction of the concept of Athenian democracy as a problematic political and cultural arena (and not as a goal, structure or program), perceptible in different authors and discourses of the classical period, as well as reflections that supplemented them throughout the fifth and fourth centuries BC.