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Reaching to Grasp Cognition: Analyzing Motor Behavior to Investigate Social Interactions

Author: Maurizio Gentilucci, Claudia Gianelli
Source: Directory of Open Access Books
Publisher: Frontiers Media SA
ISBN: 9782889456000
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How humans plan and execute their actions has always been a fascinating topic for neuroscience and psychology. In particular, kinematics studies have contributed to shed light on how very basic actions (e.g. reaching-grasping) are affected by manipulating target properties, visually or linguistically presented stimuli, absence or presence of contextual information. Interestingly, recent studies have also shown how the social context in which actions take place and their relevance for human interactions can also affect the execution of very simple actions. This research topic aims to bring together researchers from psychology and neuroscience with a special focus on the use of kinematics analysis for the study of socially relevant aspects of cognition (e.g. action observation, competition/cooperation, complementary actions, coordination, shared emotions and so on).