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Recall Map

Author: Rosario D'Auria
Source: Directory of Open Access Books
Publisher: Firenze University Press
ISBN: 9788864536644
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Recall Map is an innovative methodology for the collection, synthesis and representation of ideas and concepts in order to facilitate their learning and memorization. The structured use of images, symbols, colours, shapes and typographical fonts stimulates the individual eidetic memory, thus allowing you to learn and remember more quickly and effectively. Recall Map was developed for an audience of students and professionals of all levels and degrees, but also for anyone interested in deepening their knowledge on the subject. The book, written in a modern and fast style that does not sacrifice but rather enhances the contents, provides the reader with the theoretical basis of the processes of learning, storing and communicating information through the use of captivating and evocative graphics. The method is easy to assimilate and represents a practical tool to use in any context. This book was presented on TV at Mattina 9 - Libri: Imparare e ricordare con le immagini - 10.05.2018