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APEX Calculus

Author: Gregory Hartman, Brian Heinold, Troy Siemers, Dimplekumar Chalishajar, Jennifer Bowen - Editor
Subject: Mathematics
Source: Open Textbook Library
Publisher: APEX Calculus
ISBN: 9781514225158
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This text comprises a three–text series on Calculus. The first part covers material taught in many “Calc 1” courses: limits/ derivatives/ and the basics of integration/ found in Chapters 1 through 6.1. The second text covers material often taught in “Calc 2:” integration and its applications/ along with an introduction to sequences/ series and Taylor Polynomials/ found in Chapters 5 through 8. The third text covers topics common in “Calc 3” or “multivariable calc:” parametric equations/ polar coordinates/ vector–valued functions/ and functions of more than one variable/ found in Chapters 9 through 14. More information/ including free downloads of .pdf versions of the text/ is available at www.apexcalculus.com.

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