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Introduction to Philosophy: Ethics

Author: Frank Aragbonfoh Abumere, Douglas Giles, Ya-Yun (Sherry) Kao, Michael Klenk, Joseph Kranak, Kathryn MacKay, Jeffrey Morgan, Paul Rezkalla, George Matthews (Book Editor), and Christina Hendricks (Series Editor)
Subject: Philosophy
Source: Rebus Community
ISBN: 9781989014189
eISBN: 9781989014080
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We often make judgments about good and bad, right and wrong. Philosophical ethics is the critical examination of these and other concepts central to how we evaluate our own and each others' behavior and choices. This text examines some of the main threads of discussion on these topics that have developed over the last couple of millenia, mostly within the Western cultural tradition. Join the conversation about this and the other books in the Introduction to Philosophy textbook series.Cover art by Heather Salazar; cover design by Jonathan Lashley.

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