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Chapeau! First-Year French

Author: David A. Dinneen, Madeleine Kernen
Subject: Languages
Source: Open Textbook Library
Publisher: KU ScholarWorks
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Chapeau! is a first-year college text. Although it may appear/ at first glance/ to move very fast and introduce a large amount of material early/ the vocabulary and grammatical structures that we expect students to control actively by the end of the year are limited in accord with our notion of a reasonable application of the ACTFL proficiency guidelines. As a result/ while some instructors may be surprised at such things as the absence of the possessive pronoun/ no insistence on the use of optional subjunctives/ and no active treatment of the relative dont/ others may be disturbed by what we still include in a first-year text. What we do expect students to acquire (which is quantitatively less than what we present in the text for them to know about)/ we believe they will acquire well/ providing a sound basis for further study (formal or informal) and permitting us to say to them/ both during and at the end of the course/ "Chapeau!"

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