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Human Resource Management

Subject: Business
Source: Open Textbook Library
Publisher: University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing
ISBN: 9781946135117
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Human Resource Management teaches HRM strategies and theories that any manager—not just those in HR—needs to know about recruiting/ selecting/ training/ and compensating people. Most students will be managing people at some point in their careers and not necessarily in a human resource management capacity. As businesses cut back/ they may outsource HR duties to outside vendors. Or/ in smaller businesses/ the HR department is sometimes small or non-existent/ and managers from other departments have to perform their own HRM. Therefore/ teaching HRM from the perspective of a general manager/ in addition to an HR manager/ provides more relevance to students' careers and will give them a competitive advantage in the workplace. This text also provides practical applications of theory relevant to today's workplace. You won't find discussions about “posting vacancies on a job board” or “sending memos.” In the real world/ HRM leverages technology in every aspect of the job—from online training modules to technology for better managing flex-time workers and telecommuters. Consider how most companies have gone “paperless” with pay stubs by using software. While such technology has made HRM easier/ it has also created a new set of challenges. For example/ how does a manager actually implement a new pay system? Therefore/ it's important for students to understand what kinds of platforms exist in today's workplace to enhance their effectiveness as future managers. The conversational style of Human Resource Management engages students/ while the academic rigor of its content provides them with the tools that any manager needs—whether they work in HR or a different department. PLUS it offers an array of supplements that gives them practice creating real HR documents and role-playing real HR scenarios. Add value to your students' education/ enhance the relevance of your curriculum/ and make your students more employable by adopting this book for your HRM class. Read it now online today!

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