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The Delft Sand/ Clay & Rock Cutting Model

Author: Sape A. Miedema
Subject: Earth Sciences
Source: Open Textbook Library
Publisher: TU Delft Open
ISBN: 9789463661324
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In dredging/ trenching/ (deep sea) mining/ drilling/ tunnel boring and many other applications/ sand/ clay or rock has to be excavated. This book gives an overview of cutting theories. It starts with a generic model/ which is valid for all types of soil (sand/ clay and rock) after which the specifics of dry sand/ water saturated sand/ clay/ atmospheric rock and hyperbaric rock are covered. For each soil type small blade angles and large blade angles/ resulting in a wedge in front of the blade/ are discussed. For each case considered/ the equations/model for the cutting forces/ power and specific energy are given. The models are verified with laboratory research/ mainly at the Delft University of Technology/ but also with data from literature.

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