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Biotechnology Foundations - 2nd Edition

Author: Jack O'Grady
Subject: Biology
Source: Open Textbook Library
Publisher: OpenStax CNX
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Given the broad definition of biotechnology applications and products/ it is easy to see how there is enormous overlap within the fields of cellular biology/ microbiology/ chemistry/ and biomedical engineering. It is the goal of this textbook to provide foundational knowledge to begin building your biotechnology toolkit and enter an exciting career of making a difference through biotechnology. This textbook first explores the fundamentals of laboratory science and biotechnology. Unit 1 begins with a dive into the foundation of biology and chemistry by asking what is life and what are the molecules of life? The end of the unit offers a primer into laboratory science; preparing solutions and operating basic lab equipment. Unit 2 brings readers through a vital tool of biomanufacturing/ understanding the growth and control of microbes. Many biotechnology products are made by harnessing the work of microbes/ and this unit explores this invisible and intriguing world of microorganisms. The final unit/ molecular biotechnology/ offers a more in-depth look at how biological molecules such as DNA and protein are manipulated into creating useful products.

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