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First Semester in Numerical Analysis with Python

Author: Yaning Liu
Subject: Computer Science
Source: Open Textbook Library
Publisher: Auraria Institutional Repository
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The book is based on “First semester in Numerical Analysis with Julia”/ written by Giray Ökten. The contents of the original book are retained/ while all the algorithms are implemented in Python (Version 3.8.0). Python is an open source (under OSI)/ interpreted/ general-purpose programming language that has a large number of users around the world. Python is ranked the third in August 2020 by the TIOBE programming community index/ a measure of popularity of programming languages/ and is the top-ranked interpreted language. We hope this book will better serve readers who are interested in a first course in Numerical Analysis/ but are more familiar with Python for the implementation of the algorithms. The first chapter of the book has a self-contained tutorial for Python/ including how to set up the computer environment. Anaconda/ the open-source individual edition/ is recommended for an easy installation of Python and effortless management of Python packages/ and the Jupyter environment/ a web-based interactive development environment for Python as well as many other programming languages/ was used throughout the book and is recommended to the readers for easy code development/ graph visualization and reproducibility.

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