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Learning in the Digital Age

Author: Tutaleni I. Asino
Subject: Education
Source: Oklahoma State University
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Rebecca Bayeck, Wilmon Brown, Raymond W. Francis, Tammi Kolski, Kathy Essmiller, Cathy L. Green, Sarah L. Lewis, Corrine McCabe, Josephine Shikongo, Tammy Wise.This book is a work in progress; and will hopefully remain that way in perpetuity; where authors will come back and update their chapters and others will add more chapter. It is aimed to serve as a textbook for classes exploring the nature of learning in the digital age. The genesis of this book is a desire to use OERs in all my teachings, coupled with the realization that the resources that I was looking for were not available and as such I needed to contribute in creating them. This book is a minor attempt to contribute to the vast repository of Open Educational Resources.Cover image from https://www.blackillustrations.com/

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