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Writing in Knowledge Societies

Author: Doreen Starke-Meyerring, Anthony Paré, Natasha Artemeva, Miriam Horne, Larissa Yousoubova
Subject: Literature
Source: Open Textbook Library
Publisher: WAC Clearinghouse
ISBN: 9781602352681
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The editors of Writing in Knowledge Societies provide a thoughtful/ carefully constructed collection that addresses the vital roles rhetoric and writing play as knowledge-making practices in diverse knowledge-intensive settings. The essays in this book examine the multiple/ subtle/ yet consequential ways in which writing is epistemic/ articulating the central role of writing in creating/ shaping/ sharing/ and contesting knowledge in a range of human activities in workplaces/ civic settings/ and higher education. Writing in Knowledge Societies helps us conceptualize the ways in which rhetoric and writing work to organize/ (re-)produce/ undermine/ dominate/ marginalize/ or contest knowledge-making practices in diverse settings/ showing the many ways in which rhetoric and writing operate in knowledge-intensive organizations and societies.

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