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Education for a Digital World: Advice/ Guidelines and Effective Practice from Around Globe

Author: Sandy Hirtz, David G. Harper
Subject: Education
Source: Open Textbook Library
Publisher: BCcampus
ISBN: 9781894975292
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Education for a Digital World contains a comprehensive collection of proven strategies and tools for effective online teaching/ based on the principles of learning as a social process. It offers practical/ contemporary guidance to support e-learning decision-making/ instructional choices/ as well as program and course planning/ and development.Practical advice/ real-life examples/ case studies/ and useful resources supply in-depth perspectives about structuring and fostering socially engaging learning in an online environment. A plethora of e-learning topics provide insights/ ideas/ and usable tools. Tips and evidence-based theory guide administrators/ program and course developers/ project teams/ and teachers through the development of online learning opportunities.Education for a Digital World is an indispensable guide/ resource/ textbook and manual for policymakers and practitioners in developing and developed countries.

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