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Price Transparency

Author: Boyoung Chae, Kevin Corcoran, Michael Daly, Ann Fiddler, Jeff Gallant, James Glapa-Grossklag, Amy Hofer, and Michelle Reed
Subject: Education
Source: University of Texas at Arlington
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The practice of adding either OER or no-cost/low-cost materials designators in course schedules is on the rise, aiming to give more visibility and transparency to students and administrators as to which courses offer these more affordable options. Few formal reports have been published on the implementation and impact of OER/No Cost/Low Cost designations integrated into course schedules at colleges and universities. This booklet aims to lessen the literature gap by providing written accounts of the course marking drivers, implementation strategies, challenges, and lessons learned presented by panelists at the 16th Annual Open Education Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, in October 2019.

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