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Let's Get Writing!

Author: Elizabeth Browning, Kirsten DeVries, Kathy Boylan, Jenifer Kurtz, Katelyn Burton
Subject: Literature
Source: Open Textbook Library
Publisher: Virginia Western Community College
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This introduction is designed to exemplify how writers think about and produce text. The guiding features are the following: Every good piece of writing is an argument. Everything worth writing and reading begins with a specific question. Improving skills takes practice/ feedback/ and re-thinking/ redoing/ revising. The layout of our book implies there is a beginning/ middle/ and end to a writing course/ but because writing is both an art and a skill/ people will find their own processes for learning/ improving/ and using these skills. Writing processes differ because we are each looking for a workable schemata that fits our way of thinking. Try out a variety of writing processes and strategies/ and find what works for you. If you are not uncomfortable on this journey/ you simply are not stretching yet. Learning is prickly/ awkward/ and risky/ so if it does not feel a bit unnerving/ push harder and farther.

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