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New Media Futures

Author: Daniel Faltesek, Daniel Adams - Illustrator
Subject: Media Studies and Communications
Source: Open Textbook Library
Publisher: Oregon State University
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This book is intended for use in a large introductory class in new media in a program that covers the “full-stack” including critical/cultural studies/ media management/ diffusion of innovation/ and synthetic media production. The first half of this basic sequence covered new media and democracy/ finance/ intellectual property law/ basic games/ and transmedia. The second half of the sequence covers many topics related to aesthetics/ design/ technology/ and methodology. To that end/ this book needed to be written so that it would be helpful for many different professors and trajectories of study. This book is in neither engineering/ social science/ nor the humanities/ but also all of those. At the same time/ this is a program in the Communication Studies and Media Studies traditions of the United States and that texture will come across.

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